School of Thought

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2021-07-21 Beaumaris Primary
Beaumaris Primary School (Ocean Reef) students Matvey, Amalia, Paige, Riley & Joel discuss with John Logan whether helmets should be mandatory for skateboarders, why kids still love to read, the importance of the performing arts and why soccer is a contact sport and super popular among girls and boys.

2021-05-05 Greenwood Primary
John Logan catches up with Greenwood Primary School students Hayden, Chloe, Chad and Amelia in the first School of Thought podcast. Here’s their views on social media, mental health, music, sport and modern schooling compared with the 60s.

2021-05-03 John Logan & The School of Thought Introductory Interview
The ‘School of Thought’ program is a radio broadcast program that allows school aged students to research and present their own topics of interest. In this introductory interview, program founder John Logan and students from the Greenwood Primary School discuss how this innovative and popular program give children a voice in the community.