A lifetime of music

Based in Perth, Australia, we’re a community broadcaster serving our community with A Lifetime of Music, events, news and more.

Curtin Radio started broadcasting 43 years ago — on October 16, 1976 — as an initiative of Curtin University. As Western Australia’s first community broadcaster, we had a strong desire to connect with the local and broader community. The station, then known as 6NR (6 New Radio), provided training and access time to 37 ethnic radio programs, 25 religious broadcasters, Aboriginal broadcasters, trainees, as well as radio for the print handicapped.

Today, we still proudly operate under Curtin University and have grown to an audience of more than half a million people every month, tuning in from all over the world. We hope the next 43 years will be just as exciting!

The Curtin Radio blend

Our listeners enjoy a mix of 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s music. Shows are presented by knowledgeable broadcasters — all with a great love for music. They have a knack for presenting in an entertaining, relaxed, and informative style.

The Curtin Radio studios are equipped with the latest broadcasting software. We also build and maintain remote software that allows presenters to prepare shows in the comfort of their own homes.

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Creating opportunities

In partnership with Curtin University, Curtin Radio provides training to students in areas related to news broadcasting. Our team gives formal on-the-job training for Curtin University journalism students studying through the School of Media and Information Studies. Thanks to this unique opportunity, many students quickly go on to full-time employment in the broadcasting industry.

Really easy to listen to.

We have Curtin Radio on in the morning with the kids listening before school, all day in the shed, then in the evening with a glass or two at dinner.”

Jason Tyler, Mundaring, Perth