The Afternoon Show


2020-09-25 Peter Waltham with Karl O’Callaghan
Peter and Karl discuss the results from the trial for Bradley Edwards regarding the Claremont Serial Killings.

2020-09-22 Dr. Alicia Manolas
Dr Manolas has a debilitating Neuropathic condition and has had a Macaw (bird) as her animal assistance for 15 years. An amazing story!

2020 -09- 04 John Baker
Stalin’s Wine Cellar – myth or fact? Author John Baker discusses his newly released book based on his discoveries i seeking the truth.

2020 – 08 – 24 Dr. Xanthe Mallett
Description: Forensic anthropologist, and criminologist Dr Xanthé Mallett discusses her quest for truth and justice with her new book Reasonable Doubt.

2020 – 08 – 21 Trevor Tough
Description: Trevor continues to amaze us with his facts, research and adventures with Outback Graves.

2020 – 08 – 18 Tim Collins The impact of COVID-19 on Aviation
Description: Pilot Tim Collins explains the issues of having so many aircraft around the world being grounded for so long.

2020 – 08 – 18 Wendy Morris Homelessness in WA
Description: Wendy Morris talks to Jenny about using her own homelessness experience to help other women find affordable and secure housing.

2020 – 03 – 04 Esther Onek – A Stubborn Life
Description: A WA Family and Domestic Violence Advocate originally from South Sudan, Esther tells her remarkable story of overcoming major challenges.

2020 – 03 – 04 Dr. David Ingram – So You Don’t Want to Get Cancer?
Description: Dr Ingram discusses his book about minimizing the chances of getting cancer.

2020 – 03 – 03 Pamela Watson – From Cottesloe to Lagos

2020 – 02 – 10 Dr Karl Kruszelnicki – Random Road Trip Through Science
Description: As always, a fascinating discussion with Australia’s science commentator – Dr Karl

2020 – 01 – 24 Kerry Sievwright Outback Station Life
Description: The challenges of station life in the 21st century

2020 – 01 – 15 Trevor Tough – Outback Graves
Description: Unknown/Unmarked graves of the outback brought to life