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2023-12-05 Trevor Tough, Outback Grave Markers
Regular contributor Trevor returns to share more stories about our brave forbears who lived in incredible conditions and who, when died, were placed in an unmarked grave. The Outback Grave Markers research their story and place a plaque at the site to commemorate their life.

2023-11-17 Sean Turnell
Sean Turnell, an honorary professor of Economics at Sydney’s Macquarie University, spent 650 days in a series of prisons facing trumped-up spying charges. Listen to his amazing story.

2023-11-07 Grace Karskens
Grace Karskens seeks answers about her Dutch family’s role during WWII. Grace has been haunted by the rumour that her father’s brother was a member of the notorious S.S, the elite and infamous guard of the Nazi Reich

2023-11-10 Bill Cutler
Jenny talks to Bill about the history behind the building of the Mundaring Pipeline

2023-10-31 Rod Cordery and Sandra Rowlands
West Australian siblings Rod and Sandra set out to solve a mystery concealed from them for over 75 years.

2023-10-27 Kenny Travouillon
A Western Australian Museum palaeontology team is recovering several rare and nearly complete Diprotodon skeletons.

2023-10-24 Trevor Tough
The latest stories from Outback Graves and the team’s visit to the Goldfields

2023-09-22 Peter Waltham
Curtin FM Morning Presenter Peter Waltham talks to Jamie Mercanti about his recent trip to Africa, and his love of the continent.

Ross Coulthart is a documentary maker, investigative journalist and former 60 Minutes reporter who has written a book called IN PLAIN SIGHT. He has travelled the USA and Australia shining a light on the shadowy UFO subject, with some amazing findings.

2022-08-04 Shane Wilson
Shane Wilson was one of many innovative educators to receive a $45K Teaching Fellowship Scholarship for their excellent practice in schools across Australia. As Principal of Marble Bar Primary School, he has introduced a virtual Word Gallery and drone technology to preserve and showcase endangered indigenous languages.

strong>2022-07-26 Outback Graves
Description: Trevor Tough returns to share the team’s recent journeys and discoveries from Outback Graves.

2023-04-26 Dr. Robin Cook
Dr Robin Cook, astrophysicist at Curtin University, returns to chat with Jenny about pioneer astrophysicist Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, and the fate of the International Space Station.

2022-04-29 Lauren George (Miss Molly Makes)
Lauren and Troy George produce a live stream cooking show on the internet 3 times a week. Jenny talks with Lauren about what that involves, from what enables this technology to the type of food that is cooked during a stream.

2023-04-04 Tony Ashby
West Australian photographer Tony Ashby’s career spans five decades. He has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Walkley Award, twice. Here he talks with Jenny about his particular focus – the photographing of the warring zones around the world.

2023-04-04 Peter Fitzsimons
Renowned Australian author Peter Fitzsimons talks to Jenny about his new book – The Opera House. This is the extraordinary story of the building that symbolises Australia, the people, the secrets, the scandals and the sheer genius.

2023-04-01 Professor Morten Allentoft
Prof Morten Allentoft, from Curtin University, discusses with Jenny the fascinating results of utilising ‘Ancient DNA’.

2023-03-22 Christine Dalas
Christine Dalas from the Australian Association STOP Guardianship Abuse talks to Jenny about the issues that were exposed during a recent Four Corners special.

2023-03-08 Dr Robin Cook
Astrophysicist, Dr Robin Cook discusses, amongst other interesting topics, Sun spots and the International Space Station with Jenny.

2022-01-28 Georgina Timms
Georgina Timms specializes in trauma and general counselling and has worked in a variety of settings including Veteran Services, EAP, Women’s Health Service, and the entertainment industry. Jenny chats with Georgina about her book ‘Relationship Terrorist’. The book is described as ‘a glimpse into the people prowling our everyday lives whose complex personality traits leave trails of devastation.’

2022-01-11 Steve Scott
Jenny chats with Steve Scott, the Acting Superintendent for WA Police Medic alert, about the ‘Safe and Found’ initiative. Safe & Found is dedicated to assisting Police in locating persons at risk of becoming lost or reported missing.

2022-01-06 Dr Robin Cook
Jenny chats with Dr Robin Cook, a Research Associate at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy about what being an Astrophysicist actually means and the various projects he is currently looking into.

2021-12-06 Yanchep Rise PS
In the final installment this year of John Logan’s School of Thought, Yanchep Rise Primary School students Sophia, Xavier, Mary and Braden express concerns for kids from cat-fishing, they question whether mental maths is relevant, share how music helps them in everyday life and call for more to be done to tackle sea pollution.
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2021-12-03 Robyn Westgate
Robyn is a Project Officer at Curtin University, working in the area of Domestic Violence. She talks with Jenny about her role as part of a group that is bringing awareness to the Campus, and her own experiences that have shaped her life.

2021-11-15 Dr Rob Paul
Jenny chats with Ophthalmologist Dr Rob Paul about the advancements in eye surgery. Dr Paul also answers listener’s questions and concerns with eye-related issues.

2021-11-11 Remembrance Day
Peter Waltham pays tribute to the men and women of the wars Australia has participated in, with this special edition of the Morning Show on Remembrance Day 2021.

2021-11-08 School of Thought with Duncraig Primary
Duncraig Primary School’s Hayley, Isla, Cooper and Matheo share with the School of Thought’s John Logan their concerns about fast fashion and how it is affecting the environment, the way they see jobs changing in a future world of robots and artificial intelligence, why the koala is under threat and why the life of Ned Kelly continues to be of interest to kids.
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2021-10-18 School of Thought with Bindoon Primary
Bindoon Primary School 11 year olds Lucy, Emily, Lilli and Gabe share with the School of Thought’s John Logan some fascinating insights into country life and growing up in a small country community. The Wheatbelt town of Bindoon, a 40-minute drive from Joondalup, is fast becoming a popular destination for visitors and tourists.
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2021-10-04 Sharon Whiteman
Jenny chats with Sharon Whiteman, President of the Lyme Disease Association of Australia. Sharon discusses the awareness and changes required to better understand the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of this debilitating disease in Australia.

2021-09-29 Professor Peter Newman
Professor Newman from the Curtin Sustainability Institute, chats to Jenny about the recent government announcement to protect Western Australia’s native forests.

2021-09-28 Janelle Brown
Jenny talks with Janelle Brown, one of the first recipients of a new scholarship program. The Moorditj Jorga Scholarship Program provides scholastic support for mature and aged Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women at Curtin University. Janelle discusses the scholarship and what it means to her.

2021-09-21 Robbie Burns
Robbie Burns is an actor and the founder of Cluedunnit, based in Perth. Cluedunnit’s three-hour long murder mystery dinner theatre shows are a must for fans of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. Robbie discusses his career, how the concept evolved, and the popularity of the format.

2021-09-13 St. Luke’s Primary School
What’s it like being trapped in a foreign country during a long COVID lockdown? John Logan shares the riveting story of 11-year-old Xavier, of St Luke’s Primary School (Woodvale). Meanwhile fellow student & rising sports star Molly has called for female athletes to be paid the same as the men, Mia looks to unlock the dynamics of the family unit & Connor has been considering the importance of sleep.
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2021-09-09 Hammond Legal
Anthony Dique from Hammond Legal discusses the disturbing increase in elder abuse in our community.

2021-09-09 Hammond Legal
Anthony Dique from Hammond Legal discusses the recent landmark defamation ruling with regards to social media, from the High Court.

2021-08-24 Outback Graves
Description: Trevor Tough returns to share the team’s recent journeys and discoveries from Outback Graves.

2021-08-16 Liwara Catholic Primary
Ever thought about how we started to dance as different peoples and why so many of us love to dance? Liwara Catholic Primary School students Brianna, Grace, Sarah, Aidan & Cooper give John Logan a lesson to remember on dance. They all love AFL but, with wisdom belying their tender years, they tell John it should be more about fun than winning. They also call for more to be done to protect our wildlife and share stories about their favourite music instruments.
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2021-07-21 Beaumaris Primary
Beaumaris Primary School (Ocean Reef) students Matvey, Amalia, Paige, Riley & Joel discuss with John Logan whether helmets should be mandatory for skateboarders, why kids still love to read, the importance of the performing arts and why soccer is a contact sport and super popular among girls and boys. To listen to the podcast go to:

2021-07-14 Ingrid Cumming
Jenny chats with Ingrid Cumming, a cultural advisor at Curtin University. They chat about the different aspects of Aboriginal Culture and the growing interest from people wanting to know more about the culture.

2021-07-09 Bill Edgar (aka the ‘Coffin Confessor’)
Jenny chats with Bill Edgar about the unique service he offers.  Bill ‘crashes’ funerals on behalf of the deceased, to reveal the secrets they want their loved ones to know. What started as a joke, Bill now has a thriving business, including a published book, and a movie and television series in the offing.

2021-06-08 Antoine Bloemen
Antoine Bloemen was a magistrate in the North, who introduced innovative forms of solving social problems among Aboriginal offenders. He discusses his life and book ‘No Regrets’ with Jenny.

2021-06-08 Trevor Tough
A very popular guest, Trevor, from Outback Grave’s, returns with more fascinating stories from exploring the unmarked graves of WA.

2021-03-04 Jon Sanders
Jenny chats with the legendary Jon Sanders, the first single-handed sailor to remain continuously at sea twice around the world.
On the 31st January 2021, Jon completed his eleventh circumnavigation, which makes the 81 year old one of the oldest persons to sail singlehanded around the world.

2021-02-16 Trevor Tough
Trevor is back with more riveting stories from the discoveries of the Outback Graves team.

2021-01-27 Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
The ever-popular and always interesting Dr Karl is back chatting to Jenny about the weird and wonderful science of our planet.

2021-01-18 Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor was a founder member of UK band “The Herd”, which featured an equally young Peter Frampton. Throughout his career he has been a BBC radio disc jockey and presenter, session bass player and guitarist, jingle writer and voice over artist.
Gary, who has lived in Perth for several years, chats with Jenny about his career and the recordings he is doing now with Hank Marvin, also a Perth resident.

2021-01-04 Eric McCrum
Jenny chats with nature lover Eric McCrum, learning about his interesting time in Papua New Guinea.

2021-01-04 Grant Woodhams
Jenny talks to Grant Woodhams, exploring the interesting history behind the “Rock of Ages” cottage and Greenough Village.

2020-12-15 Trevor Tough, Outback Graves
Trevor returns with more interesting facts, thorough research and adventures from the latest trip to the Outback.

2020-12-14 Shane Burke, Notre Dame
University of Notre Dame senior lecturer Shane Burke talks with Jenny about the history of the Albany Convict Gaol and recent findings there.

2020-12-09 Roland Sussex, Linguist
Jenny discusses the evolution and changes in the English language with Roland ‘Roly’ Sussex, OAM. It is a fascinating discussion for anyone who has a love of words.

2020-12-01 Dr Michael Lawrence-Brown
Jenny chats with Dr Michael Lawrence-Brown, author of ‘Feather On The Wind if Change’. It is an extraordinary and fascinating tale of how Michael Lawrence-Brown settled in Australia and tells of his life and career in Perth.

2020-11-24 Steve Matthews
Jenny chats with author Steve Mathews about his book Hitler’s Brothel. This is a story of two sisters ensnared in Hitler’s brutal Nazi regime and their struggle to survive.

2020-11-19 Jodi Doering
Peter shares a USA TV interview with a frontline nurse from St Dakota.
Her reflections on the COVID epidemic in her home town are a powerful reminder of how damaging this crisis is.

2020-11-16 Mary Li
Mary Li is the wife of Li Cunxin, author of Mao’s Last Dancer, and is an accomplished ballet dancer in her own right. Mary studied at the Royal Ballet School in London and danced with Rudolph Nureyev. She gave up her career when they had their daughter, who was profoundly deaf. This is her story.

2020-11-10 Professor Phil Bland, Director of the Space Science and Technology Centre at Curtin University
Professor Bland explains the important involvement Curtin University has with NASA and the ‘OSIRIS-REx’ Project. Meteorite samples are processed locally, revealing insights into the early history of the solar system and molecular precursors to the origin of life

2020-11-09 Belinda Alexandra – ‘chic cat lady’
Belinda is the author of ‘The Devine Feline’, a guide to aid cat-owners with behavioural and philosophical advice. Belinda shares some surprising points with Jenny as they discuss her new book.

2020-11-02 Nate Anema – Digital and Online Expert
Jenny talks with Nat Anema about the future of the human race that is totally addicted to social media – the Social Dilemma.

2020-10-28 Trevor Tough, Outback Grave Markers
Trevor will share more stories about our brave forbears who lived in incredible conditions and who, when died, were placed in an unmarked grave. The Outback Grave Markers research their story and place a plaque at the site to commemorate their life.

2020-10-26 Janet Thomas
Janet, from Animal-Aid-Abroad, talks to Jenny about her amazing 7-month walk from Melbourne to Perth, with her dog Jack.

2020-10-07 Lisa Bridges Gardam
Lisa is an artist and recovering alcoholic who became an addict at the age of 14. Her life changed for the better when she made contact with the Alcohol and Drug Authority in 2017. Lisa discusses her journey with Jenny.

2020-10-05 Dr Shane Burke, Archaeologist, Notre Dame University
Dr Burke and researchers at Notre Dame University’s Fremantle Campus are rewriting the history of the early settlers in Western Australia, uncovering new information about the collapse of one of the Swan River’s first camps in 1830.

2020-09-30 More Outback Graves
The always popular Trevor Tough from Outback Graves talks to Jenny about their latest findings from investigating unmarked graves in the outback.

2020-09-29 Every Family Has a Secret – Matthieu Heimil
Matthieu lives in Perth and teaches French at Hale School. The search for his identify from a complex family tree is the subject of an SBS special entitled Every Family Has a Secret. Jenny talks to Matthieu about his remarkable journey.

2020-09-25 Peter Waltham with Karl O’Callaghan
Peter and Karl discuss the results from the trial for Bradley Edwards regarding the Claremont Serial Killings.

2020-09-22 Dr. Alicia Manolas
Dr Manolas has a debilitating Neuropathic condition and has had a Macaw (bird) as her animal assistance for 15 years. An amazing story!

2020 -09- 04 John Baker
Stalin’s Wine Cellar – myth or fact? Author John Baker discusses his newly released book based on his discoveries i seeking the truth.

2020 – 08 – 24 Dr. Xanthe Mallett
Description: Forensic anthropologist, and criminologist Dr Xanthé Mallett discusses her quest for truth and justice with her new book Reasonable Doubt.

2020 – 08 – 21 Trevor Tough
Description: Trevor continues to amaze us with his facts, research and adventures with Outback Graves.

2020 – 08 – 18 Tim Collins The impact of COVID-19 on Aviation
Description: Pilot Tim Collins explains the issues of having so many aircraft around the world being grounded for so long.

2020 – 08 – 18 Wendy Morris Homelessness in WA
Description: Wendy Morris talks to Jenny about using her own homelessness experience to help other women find affordable and secure housing.

2020 – 03 – 04 Esther Onek – A Stubborn Life
Description: A WA Family and Domestic Violence Advocate originally from South Sudan, Esther tells her remarkable story of overcoming major challenges.

2020 – 03 – 04 Dr. David Ingram – So You Don’t Want to Get Cancer?
Description: Dr Ingram discusses his book about minimizing the chances of getting cancer.

2020 – 03 – 03 Pamela Watson – From Cottesloe to Lagos

2020 – 11 – 19Nurse Jodi Doering
Peter Waltham replays a recent TV USA interview with a front-line Nurse from St Dakota explaining the horrific COVID situation there.


2020 – 02 – 10 Dr Karl Kruszelnicki – Random Road Trip Through Science
Description: As always, a fascinating discussion with Australia’s science commentator – Dr Karl

2020 – 01 – 24 Kerry Sievwright Outback Station Life
Description: The challenges of station life in the 21st century

2020 – 01 – 15 Trevor Tough – Outback Graves
Description: Unknown/Unmarked graves of the outback brought to life