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Curtin Experts is a hub for the conversations which delve into the fascinating minds that shape our educational community. Here we sit down with Curtin staff members across the board to discuss the social, political and other issues which matter to you. Explore the Curtin Radio interviews that have captivated our campus.

Professor Donna Chung.
Curtin University Professor of Social Work and Social Policy.
Internationally, evidence shows that individuals with a violence restraining order and subjected to electronic monitoring were more likely to comply with geographical restrictions compared to those without electronic monitoring. However, there could also be a subset of dangerous offenders who may not adhere to the restrictions.

Assoc Prof Liam Wagner.
School of Civil and Mechanical Engineering @ Curtin University.
Assoc Prof Wagner states the Australian Energy Market Operators plan shows the transition to renewable energy will be cheaper as we progress towards net zero, but only if we do the right things fast enough.

Mr Alex Jenkins.
WA Data Science Innovation Hub Director @ Curtin University.
Alex talks about Artificial Intelligence being a game changer for financial counselling and scams.

Dr. Fadi Maayah.
Curtin Researcher.
Dr Maayah discusses an exchange programme where Curtin academic staff will visit UAE, Jordan and Oman to collaborate on high-quality research while providing support for women and people with disabilities.
Visit Paralympic Sports Science Research Inspiring women and people with disabilities | PDF to Flipbook (heyzine.com)

Dr. Fergus Downey.
Senior Engineer @ Curtin Uni Binar Space Program.
Curtin University’s Binar Space Program recently handed over three cube satellites bound for the International Space Station. The satellites will travel onboard a Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency resupply mission in August, taking essential items to the astronauts and cosmonauts onboard the ISS.

Mr Alex Jenkins.
WA Data Science Innovation Hub Director @ Curtin University.
Alex talks about the latest ChatGPT update and how it will change our relationship with technology.

Dr. Holly Bradley.
Researcher at Curtin’s School of Molecular and Life Sciences.
Dr Bradley chats with Jenny about her research on Bats.

Professor Tracey Moroney and Dr Saul Karnovsky.
Head of Curtin School of Nursing and Senior Lecturer School of Education.
The Federal Government has announced new payments in the upcoming budget for nurses, teachers and social workers during their unpaid mandatory work placements. We learn about financial support for students experiencing ‘placement poverty’.

Professor Jaya Dantas.
Chief Investigator from Curtin University’s SHAKTI project.
Prof Dantas discusses a raft of measures recommended by the National Cabinet to address the growing issue of gender-based violence in Australia.

Associate Professor Sara Egan from Curtin enable Institute and School of Population Health talks about a project to help children overcome perfectionism.

Mr Alex Jenkins.
WA Data Science Innovation Hub Director @ Curtin University.
Alex Jenkins talks about Innovation in science.

Robyn Westgate.
Family and Domestic Violence Project Officer.
Robyn Westgate discusses the MATE Bystander program, designed to partner with organisations in elevating workplace culture.

Discussion with Associate Professor Ann Fox, Adjunct Research Fellow visiting from St Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia.

Prof. Peter Newman.
John Curtin Distinguished Professor Curtin Research Institute Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute.
As the world shifts towards cleaner energy sources, there has been much discussion on the future of places tied to traditional energy sources. As an example, Professor Newman discusses how Kwinana can continue to be an energy hub in the coming years while becoming a global net zero leader.

Dr.Ben Rich.
Co- Director Curtin Extremism Research network.
Dr Rich explains why social media giants have been put on notice.

Dr. Stephen Monterosso.
Senior Lecturer Curtin University Faculty of Business and Law.
Dr. Stephen Monterosso talks about WA’s anti-bikie laws. He says while they may be blocking some gang recruitment – are they really working?

Dr. Dean Economou.
Curtin University Research Fellow.
Dr Economou says the 3G shutdown has been promoted as a way of offering new services and higher reliability. However, he says, the withdrawal of 3G is not acceptable for people who need to access 000 services in regional Australia, where it could mean the difference between life and death.

Dr. Kat Ross.
Dr Ross explores the universe.

Mr Alex Jenkins.
WA Data Science Innovation Hub Director, Curtin University.
Alex provides us with more ground breaking AI Updates that will assist people with hearing and sight challenges.

Associate Professor Zoe Richards.
Curtin’s School of Molecular and Life Sciences.
A perfect storm of environmental factors has seen a monumental loss of fish and coral life at Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia’s Gascoyne region. However, Curtin University research into the event shows it may recover.

Associate Professor Christina Pollard.
Mid career researcher and investigator on the Chat2Study Project.
Professor Pollard is testing a new weight management program led by dietitians to support people in building healthy habits to improve their diets.

Adrienne Traill.
HDR student at School of Accounting Curtin Uni.
Adrienne speaks about the barriers faced by late career single women to retirement planning and relates some interesting stories of women she spoke to during her research.

Dr. Adam Crowe.
School of Accounting, Economics and Finance at Curtin Uni.
Dr Crowe discusses the outcome and findings of the national conference on the housing crisis in Adelaide.

Professor Dora Marinova.
Professor of Sustainability.
The Federal Government is planning to incorporate the climate impact of certain foods into its Australian Dietary Guidelines, which critics have described as overreach and even a ‘war on meat’. Curtin University Professor of Sustainability, Dora Marinova, said the changes are a sensible response to climate concerns.

Prof. Sharon Parker.
Director of the Centre for Transformative Work Design @ Curtin Uni.
Professor Parker describes a gathering in Perth, in which leading global scholars in work design, industry and government explored the complexities of our working lives, She discusses hybrid working, the rise of AI, staff shortage burnout and an ageing workforce.

Dr. Sarah Hellewell.
Research Fellow, Health Sciences Research and Graduate Studies at Curtin.
Dr Hellewell discusses what happens to the brain in a concussion and how it can be prevented in contact sports.

Prof. Julia Richardson.
Head of Curtin’s School of Management and Marketing.
Following Brad Banducci’s retirement from Woolworths, Prof Richardson discusses whether CEO’s and leaders of today are under greater scrutiny and how his replacement will regain the trust of the Australian people in the Woolies brand.

Dr. Alison Blyth and Dr Denis Fougerouse.
Faculty of Science and Engineering Research Fellows School of Earth and Planetary Sciences.
Dr’s Blyth and Fougerouse discuss the Think Like a Scientist programme which has been introduced at four prisons and is designed to help prisoners explore new areas of interest and develop critical thinking.

Dr. Stephen Poropat.
Researcher in Palaeontology at Curtin Uni.
Dr Poropat discusses the discovery of a 95 million-year-old dinosaur skull in Winton, Queensland. The discovery suggests dinosaurs may have been travelling between Australia and South America via Antarctica between 95 and 100 million years ago.

John Curtin Distinguished Professor Steven Tingay.
Executive Director of the Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy.
Should humans go to Mars? If the history of human exploration is anything to go by you only need a tiny fraction of the population to be motivated enough to do it If they also have the capital it will happen.

Professor Mike Dockery.
Associate Professor with the School Economics and Finance.
Australian unemployment hits two year high. The unemployment rate has risen to 4.1 per cent which is the first time in two years that it has exceeded 4 per cent.

Greg Dunn.
Place Activation Co-ordinator at Curtin Uni.
Greg details a calendar of free public events for the month of March, as part of Explore Curtin.

Dr. Shane Greive.
Lecturer at School of Design and the Built Environment Curtin Uni.
Dr Greive is an Urban Planning Expert. He discusses new reforms which allow WA homeowners to gain planning approval for a granny flat up to 70 square metres.

Dr. Nic Saraceni.
Physiotherapist and Lecturer at Curtin School of Allied Health.
Bringing research and clinical skills to his teaching where he lectures in Anatomy, Pain and Musculoskeletal Science.

Dr Shannon Rowley on job seeking.
How to research potential employers prior to applying for work.

Professor Htwe Htwe Thein.
Associate Professor School of Management and Marketing at Curtin Uni.
Prof Thein discusses a report from activist group ‘Justice for Myanmar.’
The report mentions ten Australian companies which allegedly supported Myanmar’s military junta when it overthrew the country’s democratically elected government.

Dr. Elissa Burton.
Associate Professor At School of Allied Health Curtin University.
Dr Burton discusses a wide range of topics to assist in living independently. Topics include falls prevention, getting off the ground after a fall, ageism.

Joshua Newton.
PhD Student – Curtin University School of Molecular and Life Sciences.
A ground-breaking study has analysed animals from a wildlife sanctuary in Perth’s hills and Perth Zoo.
The study identified the genetic signatures of 93 different animals, including birds, native mammals, meerkats and elephants.

Dr. Hani Al-Salami.
Project Leader Curtin Medical School and Curtin Health Innovation Research.
Curtin University and Australian Red Cross Lifeblood are joining forces to develop a new faecal transplant capsule for Australian clinical trials.

Dr. Ben Rich.
Extremism Expert at Curtin University.
Dr Rich discusses the launch of new online resources aimed at tackling extremism and disinformation in the community.

Dr. Rebecca Anderson.
Senior Lecturer from Curtin School of Population Health.
Clinical Psychologist Dr Rebecca Anderson is involved in research and clinical supervision. In this podcast she speaks about phobias.

Professor Jaya Dantas.
International Health Expert.
Cases of polio were reported in around 30 countries in 2023 mostly in resource-poor settings with weak health systems While some of these regions were impacted by conflict, there was also poor vaccine coverage.
COVID has impacted childhood vaccination rates and there is growing distrust of vaccinations among vulnerable communities.

Professor Julia Richardson.
Head of Curtin’s School of Management and Marketing.
Professor Richardson discusses how COVID forced many employees to work from home; an arrangement which has continued in a lot of workplaces. However, there has been a push from many employers to bring workers back into the office full-time.

Associate Professor Elizabeth Jackson.
Curtin University’s School of Management and Marketing.
The dispute between global port container operator DP World and the Maritime Union of Australia has seen workers strike at ports across Australia, leading to concerns over transport costs and product shortages.

Dr. Arash Bahramian.
Author & Astronomer.
A global team of astronomers at Curtin University International Centre of Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) have created the most sensitive radio image ever; an ancient globular cluster of tightly-packed stars.

Leena Abdul-Khaliq.
Curtin Academic & PhD Candidate.
Leena who is an expert on Middle East and North African politics discusses the impact of the Houthi rebels attacks on merchant ships in the Red Sea.

Dr. David Preece.
Study Lead and clinical psychologist.
Loneliness is emerging as a global health concern, with research suggesting it is a looming public health epidemic linked to significant health issues. A Curtin University project is tackling the problem by developing a targeted, individual approach to treatment. Lead Researcher Dr David Preece discusses the project.

Dr. Juliana Zabatiero.
Curtin School of Allied Health.
How to manage kids screen time and avoid tech tantrums.

Greg Dunn and Saskia Valenti.
Place Activation Co-ordinator and Communication and Engagement Manager.
Curtin University Calendar of Events. All events and facilities are open to the general public at all times.

Peter Newman.
John Curtin Distinguished Professor.
Curtin University students have helped to create a blueprint of how trackless trams are now being trialled in Perth’s public transport system as part of a new industry-research collaboration.

Associate Professor Paul Alexander.
Curtin School of Management and Marketing.
Associate Professor Paul Alexander joins us to discuss the decision by Australia Post to reduce mail deliveries to every second day, and the impact on small business and homeowners.

Sheldon Smith.
The Male Perspective.
With the 16 days in WA campaign about family violence underway, Sheldon Smith, speaks on various aspects from a male point of view. Sheldon is Curtin Universities Senior Diversity and Inclusion Advisor, specialising in the areas of Inclusive Practice, Cultural Change, Gender and LGBTQIA+ inclusion.

Professor Peter Newman.
John Curtin Distinguished Professor Peter Newman.
Professor Newman discusses the COP28 Summit and the need to place the onus on the Oil and Gas Industry.

Dr. Martin Whitely.
Adjunct Research Fellow with a doctorate in ADHD policy.
Dr, Whiteley discusses why he believes the ADHD Senate inquiry is ‘fundamentally flawed’, leading to the over-prescription of medication for Australian children.

Professor Stuart Kinner.
Curtin School of Population Health and Committee member of National Prison Health Information Committee.
National prison health report reveals need for more Federal Government action.

Rob Dunsmore.
PHD Researcher at ChemCentre at Curtin Uni.
Rob is an explosives chemist who has received national recognition and financial support for his work in determining the origins of homemade bombs. This research will allow counter terrorism agencies to more easily identify perpetrators, and track terrorist networks.

Alexey Muraviev.
Associate Professor And Expert On International Strategic Affairs.
The incident involving divers from HMAS Toowoomba shows that despite what were declared as positive outcomes from the PMs meeting with president Xi Jinping China continues to view Australia as being part of the AUKUS security pact and a threat to its aspirations of dominance in the Indo-Pacific region.

Dr. Elizabeth Jackson.
Curtin University Expert.
Christmas chaos is a possibility as port operators are crippled by cyber attack.

Dr. Saul Karnovsky.
Curtin University School of Education Senior Lecturer.
A year-long review commissioned by the State School Teachers Union of WA released today has revealed many teachers are planning to leave the profession, which will exacerbate the existing teacher shortage.

Professor Peter Newman.
John Curtin Distinguished Professor of Sustainability.
Supermarkets perpetuating plastics problem.

Robyn Westgate.
Family and Domestic Violence Project Officer at People and Culture Centre.
The 16 Days in WA campaign runs from 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) through to December 10 (Human Rights Day) each year. The campaign takes its inspiration from the global 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

Daniel Turner.
PHD Candidate Curtin University.
Ground breaking Curtin University technology will soon be powering interplanetary missions to the moon and beyond, after one of its brightest young minds caught the attention of a leading international space research institution.

Professor Jaya Dantas.
Dean International – Faculty of Health Sciences.
Australia records 23.6 per cent spike in COVID cases amid the eighth wave.

Dr. Juliana Zabatiero.
Digital Child Chief Investigator at the Curtin School of Allied Health.
A four year study involving 3000 Australian families the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child and coinciding with National Children’s week was launched on 24th November.

Associate Professor Liam Wagner.
Curtin University Energy Markets Expert.
Fuel price-driven inflation shows need for alternatives. With disruptions in oil supplies and production restrictions placed on oil from nations affiliated with OPEC and Russia, we will likely see continued pressure on consumer prices.

Professor Peter Newman.
John Curtin Distinguished Professor.
The decision of the high court to declare Victoria’s tax on electric vehicles as illegal is welcomed. The tax needs to be part of a much stronger package of incentives and taxes from the Federal Government on EVs.

Professor Joe Siracusa.
Dean of Global Futures Curtin University Faculty of Humanities.
Professor Siracusa discusses the US and international reaction to the Israeli conflict.

Alexey Muraviev.
Associate Professor, Expert on International Strategic Affairs.
Australian defence shake up. The shift in the ADF’s continental posture reflects the army’s intention to respond to current and emerging threats. The restructure will create greater capacity for overseas operations and the bolstering of defences against any threats from north of Australia.

Dr. Christine Cooper.
The Curtin School of Molecular and Life Sciences.
Curtin University researchers have captured rare recordings of echidnas cooing, grunting and making a range of other sounds, but only during the breeding season.

Associate Professor Nicholas Timms.
Curtin University School of Earth and Planetary Sciences.
Curtin University researchers are standing by to be among the first in the world to analyse precious asteroid samples due to land on Earth via NASA’s historic OSIRIS-REx mission, which could unlock some of the biggest mysteries of the universe.

Dr. Luc-Serge Doucet.
Curtin University Institute for Geoscience Research.
Curtin University researchers studying diamond-rich rocks from Western Australia’s Argyle volcano have identified the missing third key ingredient needed to bring valuable pink diamonds to the Earth’s surface where they can be mined, which could greatly help in the global hunt for new deposits.

Alex Jenkins.
WA Data Science Innovation Hub Director @ Curtin University.
Curtin University researchers are exploring the potential for artificial intelligence to transform healthcare.

Dr Robin Cook.
Astrophysicist Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy.
Dr Cook discusses the Square Kilometre Array Telescope, the MeerKAT telescope Extension Project and an update from The International Bristol Conference.

Dr Ryan Mead-Hunter
Air Quality modelling expert at the Curtin University School of Population Health.
Information from WA’s first and only real-time pollen monitoring and forecast service hosted at Curtin University, will be able to give seasonal allergy sufferers a better indication of when to expect high pollen days.

Professor Peter Newman.
Founder Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute.
The biggest sustainable energy announcement in WA seen in some time, sees the Government and major industry partners working together to deliver green and cheaper energy for the North West Pilbara, the South West and Perth.

Nigel Marks
Associate Professor – Science & Engineering Faculty.
More than 12 years on from the Fukushima nuclear disaster Japanese authorities are releasing treated radio active waste water into the Pacific Ocean.

Louise Francis
Associate Professor – Science & Engineering Faculty.
The Federal Government has launched Betstop. This is a national self-exclusion register which enables Australians to block themselves from all licensed interactive wagering services from between three months to permanently.

Dr Chong Wei
Marine Bio Acoustic Specialist Curtin Centre for Marine Science.
Researchers are developing high tech 3D image sections of hearing structures of stranded whales to assess evidence of interference to their echo-location systems.

Professor Gretchen Benedix
Curtin University Space Expert
Australian students can launch a space career through Curtin University.

Jane King and Lia McKnight
The John Curtin Gallery will be presenting work by 40 regional artists as part of the Open Borders survey exhibition, which will be held at the Gallery from 12 August to 8 October 2023.

Ravisha Jayawickrama
Author and PhD Candidate
An article published in The Conversation explores the link between the term ‘obesity’ and discrimination and whether a change to ‘adiposity-based’ chronic disease could help.

Dr Ellie Sansom
Research Associate School of Earth and Planetary Sciences
August is Blue Moon Month in West Australia when the moon is closest to earth by 42,000km.

Dr Robin Cook
Euclid is designed to explore the evolution of the dark Universe. It will make a 3D-map of the Universe (with time as the third dimension) by observing billions of galaxies out to 10 billion light-years, across more than a third of the sky.

Associate Professor Andrew Woods
Esperance ship wreck, the Belinda. The WA Museum discovered the wreck site in 1989 and excavated it between 1989 and 1991, during which overlapping black and white photographs were taken and a 2D photomosaic was created.

Carrolup Manager Kathleen Toomath discusses a new exhibition, Kalyagool Karni-Wangkiny [Telling Truth Always], at the John Curtin Gallery. The exhibition features ten new artworks which have been added to the Collection plus never before-seen footage of the child artists creating their works in the 1940’s.

Joshua Kestel. Lead Researcher & PhD Student – Curtin Molecular Life Science.
The presence of more native Australian flowering plants in urban areas can help boost declining bee numbers. New Curtin University research finding them to be the preferred source of food for both native bees and the introduced European honeybee.

Dr Ben Rich. Co-Director Curtin Extremism Research Network.
The Federal Government has announced it will introduce legislation banning the display and possession of Nazi symbols.

Professor Andrew Woods & Daniel Addams discuss an amazing 3D visual experience on the shipwrecks around Australia. In particular The Coal Steamer ‘Duckenfield’, which sank in 1889, 60 miles from Newcastle.

Professor Joe Siracusa is the Curtin University Dean of Global Futures.
Professor Siracusa explains the AUKUS Agreement and the workforce opportunities it provides to Australia.

Dr. Elizabeth Jackson is the Curtin University Supply Chain Expert.
Dr. Jackson discusses the recent G7 summit announcement regarding China’s dominance in the world’s supply chain.