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The Curtin FM Society is a special group of supporters of community radio station Curtin FM who have included a gift, known as a bequest, to the Station in their Wills. 

As a community radio station Curtin FM relies on support from sponsors, members and donors to continue its operations.  All donations and bequests, regardless of amount, are deeply valued. 

Many Curtin FM listeners believe the Station adds to the quality of their lives, and feel a connection to the Station and to the people who keep it operating. Leaving a bequest is a way to say ‘thank you’ for the enjoyment Curtin FM has given them, and a way to help it continue to broadcast to and for the people of WA.  

All bequests will be used to keep Curtin FM connected to the local community and playing great music for its listeners.  

Benefits of the Curtin FM Society

All those who let us know they have included a bequest to Curtin FM in their Wills may become supporters of the Curtin FM Society. 

 You will be invited to a six-monthly ‘high tea’ event with your favourite Station personalities and other supporters. We will also recognise supports of the Society online and occasionally give them a shout-out through our programming format (as preferred). 

More information

If you would like to discuss leaving Curtin FM a bequest, please contact Quinn Glasson, Station Director, on 9266 4934 or 

 We encourage you to discuss any planned bequest with your family and to seek legal advice before proceeding. 

To learn more about giving to Curtin University, please visit