When we came to rebuild our website here at Curtin Radio, we knew we wanted someone local. After all, we are all about community.

We have provided a resource here to assist you to make an informed choice if you, like us, are doing due diligence in finding the best website development company in Perth for your web build.

Here are five factors that helped us determine that Helium were the right agency for our website and marketing.

1. Their Work Speaks for Itself.

Nothing speaks louder than execution. A website needs to do so much more than look good. Their designers and writers think through what your objectives are and translate that into intentional design and compelling copy. Having marketers build your website means constantly ensuring functionality, design and copy serve your objectives. It shows up in the work.

2. We Wanted to Enjoy the Process.

We had put this off for a while as we wanted to get this right, not have a long painful experience. Scott and Kylee (and later, the rest of their team) hit it off with us straight away, and there were always fast replies to calls and emails. Nothing was too much trouble.

3. We Asked Around.

Perth might be getting bigger, but a bad reputation still travels faster than a bushfire in summer. We had heard of Helium around the traps and made sure to check out their reviews online. We found out their team were known to be good at what they do, and the nice guys of the industry.

4. We Could Meet the People Doing the Work.

It was important to us to meet the creative team in person, as we saw this as a partnership. During the website build, we had an excellent Account Manager, Helen, as our main point of contact. But we also met with our designer and writer along the way, so we knew they understood us.  Having all of their team work under the same roof together, instead of outsourcing, allowed for real collaboration.

5. We Needed Value.

We don’t take lightly the fact that we have supporters sacrificially making contributions to Curtin Radio. As with any operational decision, we needed to ensure we were getting value to make our resources go as far as possible.

At the same time, quality and professionalism are important to us, so it was about value for money rather than the cheapest around. As Curtin sponsors, Helium give back to the Station and developed a proposal around our budget.

Helium Marketing ticked all our boxes. Check them out to see if they are a good fit for you too.