Jenny Seaton has been winning the hearts of Western Australian audiences since she commenced her career as a weather presenter with Channel Nine in the 70s.

Following this, she devoted her time to hosting a range of programs, such as childrens’ shows, live shows, womens’ magazine style shows, and more. After a four-year break from television to start a family, Jenny joined Channel Seven as host of the Late, Late Breakfast Show in 1983. This was followed by The Today Show, Good Morning Perth, and subsequently, Jenny Seaton Live — the popular magazine-style show was the only one of its kind in Perth. Jenny was voted Most Popular Personality in the national Logie Awards in 1971,1976, and 1979.

From 1996 to 2003, Jenny co-hosted Radio 6PR’s successful afternoon program with Gary Carvolth. During this period, Gary and Jenny became one of the most popular duos on Perth radio.

In 2005, Jenny returned to television after receiving an offer from Channel Nine to manage Appealathon. Jenny was only at the station a few months when she was also asked to return to an ‘on camera’ role as host of the station’s ‘Postcards WA’ program, and thrived in this role for 12 months.

Today, Jenny is at home at Curtin Radio, where she hosts the Afternoon program — aptly named, ‘Afternoons with Jenny’. As an assured and accomplished host, we’re privileged to have Jenny on our team, and sat down with her to get to know her a little better.


You’ve had such a varied and illustrious career! What are the top three highlights?

Top three highlights… Number one is definitely getting the role as Weather Girl at Channel Nine back in 1968 (after a terrible audition!). Second, the opportunity to meet and interview so many people from all walks of life over a 51-year period. Thirdly, being awarded a couple of Logies for contribution to media — what an honour!

What was it like transitioning from television to radio? Were there any challenges here?

It was a little daunting at first. Going from a one-hour live daily tele programme to a four-hour (initially) and then three-hour talkback programme with Gary Carvolth was a huge transition. We had no music as backup if the phones didn’t ring, and if a guest went AWOL, it quickly became mayhem in the studio with lots of damage-control from Gary and me!

You’ve obviously seen how the entertainment industry has evolved since the 70s when your career began; how have you navigated or embraced these changes?

From the early 70s, we are now seeing some massive changes in television, and to a lesser extent, radio. No more studio-based entertainment for local performers, and maybe more network coverage due to budget cuts. Entertainment is so much more competitive now, and the public have an incredible choice of viewing and listening.

We know an entertainment career isn’t all glitz and glamour — it takes a lot of hard work! Have you got any advice for budding radio or television presenters out there?

Yes, hard work! Also, being likeable and natural is vital. My main tip is research your guests, listen to them, and respect their opinion — even if it doesn’t sit with you. Have a sense of humour and care for others. Oh, and be very professional!

For those that have never tuned in before, what can Curtin Radio listeners expect from Afternoons with Jenny?

We continue to speak to people on-air that have a story to tell (we all actually have a story — I wish we could speak with everyone!). These are mainly people that make a difference and help others, making a positive impact in our community. And of course, we play our favourite music…

How do you separate work and personal life? Is there any difference between on-air Jenny and off-air Jenny?

Believe it or not, my social life is actually very quiet. Lunch or coffee with a close group of friends, binge on TV programmes, go to a movie, and walks in the beautiful leafy suburb of Subiaco.

To get to know Jenny even more, tune into Afternoons with Jenny on Curtin Radio. You’ll hear her every weekday from 12:00pm – 3:00pm.